Simple, easy ways to decorate the rooms in your home.

Design Elements Country PorchYou want to make a place in your outdoor living area that will be a charming country porch. So how do you create this? It’s actually simpler than you might think. It’s all about the things that you include. So let’s talk about what those design elements are.

Country Porch Created Anywhere

First, we need to understand that a country porch look doesn’t need to be an actual porch. It can be a patio, a deck, even a section of your backyard. It’s the idea of how you arrange and decorate this space that makes it country porch.

If you happen to have a large Victorian style house with a wide wrap-around porch, it’s perfect. But, that’s not necessary to create the effect. A country porch is about what outdoor living space you create.

Design Elements

To create a country porch, you want an inviting, relaxing and comfortable space. Think of almost recreating a comfortable room in your house. You are just going to bring that world outside.

Of course, the outside world must be able to withstand the elements. Just a bit different than you have indoors. So you want to look for items that are meant to resist fading and moisture. Otherwise, it’s the same.

Your country porch will be a gathering place for friends and family. A relaxing place for you to enjoy reading, or whatever relaxing past time you enjoy. So make the furniture comfortable to sit in.

Arrange conversation groupings with your furniture. Set cushions and pillows on the seats. Throw a lap quilt or afghan over the back of a chair for those cooler mornings or evenings. Place side tables beside the chairs for holding coffee, tea or cool drinks.

Make Your Country Porch Design Inviting

Any accessories you add to your country porch will be complementing a comfortable and inviting world. So think as though you are decorating a living room or sitting room. Themes, style and accessories will all come together in your country porch outdoor living space.




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