Simple, easy ways to decorate the rooms in your home.

Pig Kitchen Decor TowelsOK, so what do I mean by a whimsical animal kitchen theme? First, let’s look at the word whimsical. That means something like not realistic. Charming, delightful and fun-filled. Think cute and humorous. Think those things that make you smile or chuckle just to look at.

So we combine cute, humorous with animals and we have a great kitchen decorating theme. Pink pigs are one of my favorites. Yes, real pigs have a natural pink coloring to them, especially baby pigs. But with a whimsical look, the pink color is bright and definitely unnatural.

Whimsical pig kitchen decor can be one of those truly fun themes. But there are plenty more. Think about playful and loving animals. With a kitchen accessory like salt and pepper sets, we found them to be a loving effect with each other. Yep, loving animal salt and pepper shakers will make you smile.

So how do you put this theme together for your kitchen decor? Actually that’s the easy part. With any theme, it’s all about the accessories and accents that you add in to your kitchen.

If you really want to paint your kitchen walls pink, that’s up to you. But, you don’t have to. You really just need to go shopping. OK, now that’s fun! Find the kind of accessories that match your theme.

Let’s take the whimsical pink pig theme. Pick out useful accessories for your sink in a pink pig look. Add in a towel set and towel holder. Set up your table with pink pig placemats. Choose a teapot or pitcher to function as the focal point of your centerpiece.

Maybe you can even find a whimsical pig wall clock to hang above a small shelf. Then top the shelf with a pink mug and a set of pig salt & pepper shakers. Even hang a pink apron below the shelf. Aha, a great decorative focal point.

Creating a whimsical animal kitchen theme is simple. Skip the hard work and go for the fun of the look. It’s really is kitchen decorating the easy way.


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