Simple, easy ways to decorate the rooms in your home.

Accessories for a ThemeCreating an elegant theme in your home decor is not difficult when you make use of accessories and accent pieces. It’s a matter of the choices you make.

With an elegant theme, you have decisions to make first. One of those decisions is what color scheme you want to work with. You also want to decide about your style. An elegant theme can work well for different styles. Let’s look at some of the styles and see how the color schemes will come about for you.

Vintage/Antique Elegant Home Decor Style

When looking at a vintage or antique style, you will typically be thinking an era like the Victorian or Edwardian period. For elegant themes, the time period you pick from the past works best when that time period was one of affluence and elegance itself.

Eras that included major hardship times, like the Depression or World War II, will evoke theme elements that aren’t elegant. Simpler styles were popular then. Budget designs and just plain leftovers were the decor accessories.

Vintage or antique styles will naturally bring you to warmer colors. Rose, peach, beige become your base colors. With deep reds, or rich greens as accent colors.

Modern Style with Elegant Home Decor

A modern style works great with an elegant theme. Modern is more about clean lines, bolder Elegant Wall Clocks Home Decorlooks and brighter colors. Rather than 3 small accents pieces, you would go with one large accent piece.

Colors for an elegant modern look tend to be those that are more of the metalic groupings. Colors like gold, silver, bronze. But accent colors can be just about anything under the rainbow. Personally, silver and dark blue are a favorite.

A combination like a dark blue decorative throw pillow on the couch and a silver wall clock make a wonderful combination in my modern elegant look. Or a color combination like gold with wine red accents makes a beautiful look.

Which ever style you prefer, choosing your accessories will be what makes your elegant look come alive.


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