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A Coffee Theme for the Kitchen

Coffee-Wall-DecalsCoffee is one of my favorite delights and what goes better in the kitchen than a coffee theme for your decor? That’s what I thought as well. So, I went searching for fun ideas to decorate a kitchen in a coffee theme and found plenty. From clocks to wall decals, it’s going to be fun to create my kitchen.

Creating My Coffee Theme Kitchen

I’m definitely one of these people who likes to do things the easy way. I don’t want to spend a lot time or money when I redecorate. That’s what I love best about wall decals. They are simple to put up on the wall – no mess, no nails, no glue – and just as simple to rearrange when I want to. I found a great collection of coffee wall decals to decorate the kitchen walls.

Try placing a coffee theme saying over the kitchen table for a charming effect. I also like the idea of putting a steaming cup wall decal next to my message center. More a reminder that my delicious cup of coffee awaits me.

More Ideas for Decor

OK, speaking of message centers, I found some great dry erase boards to hang on the wall, in coffee themes, ofKitchen-Wall-Clocks course. My family is just as busy as everybody else’s. Sometimes the only way we communicate is through a message center in the kitchen. I like to add little reminders when it’s someone’s turn for the dishes.

Other reminders are ideal for the coffee message board as well. Appointments, phone calls to make, messages taken all can go on the board. If you’ve never used a message board before, it’s best to place it very strategically. You want everyone, including yourself, to be reminded.

Functional Coffee Decor

Message boards are functional as well as adding to your coffee theme. So are wall clocks. These are one of those things that I like to include in nearly every room. It’s so much faster to glance at a wall clock than to pull my phone out to check the time.

So, as long as I’m working on decorating my kitchen in a coffee theme, a coffee wall clock makes a great addition.

These are just some of the fun accessories and accents that you can add to your kitchen for a coffee theme decor. Each is simple and the total is inexpensive. That’s decorating made easy.


Comments on: "A Coffee Theme for the Kitchen" (1)

  1. I went crazy in my last apartment with decals. Everyone thought they were the real deal! (paint) I had trailing ivy around my bathroom door, and an apple border in my kitchen. Fun!
    BTW, love the coffee theme idea!

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